Bettendorffsche Galerie Im Schlossgarten
Showcasing First Generation Zimbabwe Stone Sculptors up to today’s younger generation of stone sculptors who bring fresh vision and a positive outlook supported by the discovery of remarkable new stone deposits. Chapungu Sculpture Park and Galerie Im Schlossgarten invite you to view this unique display of world renowned sculptures. Most sculptures on display will be available for sale and are issued with a certificate of authenticity. 30 years ago Chapungu Sculpture Park under the directorship of Roy Guthrie exhibited in Seville at the International Expo. It is there that Freddy v. Bettendorff struck up a friendship with Roy as Freddy was drawn to the sculptures on display which inspired him to create a Gallerie in Gauangeloch. Since that time ,Roy and Freddy have collaborated and promoted the Zimbabwean Stone Sculpture movement through exhibitions at Galerie Im Schlossgarten and more recently in 2022 with the Chapungu Exhibition entitled: “Chapungu: Stories in Stone an African Perspective of Family” at the Schwetzingen Palace Garden, Schwetzingen Germany. This unique bond has brought not only a lasting and trusting friendship but it has also brought two cultures together and enhanced the cooperation of Zimbabwean and German Artists through stone sculpting workshops which will take place in the week prior to the grand opening of the commemorative exhibition. In 1992, Michael Shepherd, a leading art critic, after reviewing the Chapungu Exhibition at one of the United Kingdom’s most important sculpture park ,the Yorkshire Sculpture Park , wrote in the Arts Review of London “This is the birth of a great national art, capable of speaking about the whole of creation, from personal and family feeling to the world of spirit, soul and self. It is a thrilling adventure of contemporary art.” “Zimbabwean Stone Sculpture continues to take my breath away. The new approach to the stone by younger generation of artists and the inclusion of semi precious stones adds an exciting dimension to this art form” Roy Guthrie, May 2023

Commemorating 30 Years of Friendship Through Art